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November 28 – January 6

Patsy Dew – Photography & Art Boxes

Patsy Dew

Artist statement

Visual and performing arts have been life-long forms of serious play for me.  I focus here just on my experiences in the visual arts.  As a Carleton faculty wife, I took classes in painting, drawing and color theory.  I turned a basement storeroom into a darkroom, so I could print black and whites while my first-born slept.  In 2007, I started exhibiting some of my prints, by then created with digital cameras, and printed by a lab.  Later Judy Saye-Willis introduced me to ways of making artist-books, perfect for displaying my images.  And then, I purchased a wide bed ink-jet printer so I would have more control over creating the books.
One style of “book” was a single photograph, folded in such a way to create a tiny book.  At that time, I was photographing grates, which made interesting designs when each segment of the image was viewed separately.  I wanted to put a set of the grate – books together, mulled it for a while, and then had an ah-hah moment.  A box(!) could hold a set of miniature grate books: A Grate Book Series.  That was the beginning of my explorations of making boxes using my images.
The camera offers so many ways to “play” with the visual world.  It can freeze the motion of a humming bird, and blur all but one passing cyclist.  It can record the tiny realm of dew droplets on a spider web.  This year I have been exploring ways of using long and/or multiple exposures, which create images that are more impressionistic.  My hope is that you may experience some of the joy I felt in creating these pieces.

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Gallery space:

  • 3 glass cases – 16in x 16in shelves (4-5 shelves per case)
  • 4 wall spaces – 6 ft long x 4 ½ ft tall
  • 1 long wall – 40 ft long x 4 ½ ft tall