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Craig Swenson, pyrography
Lyn Rein, rosemaling

January 6 – February 16
Opening Reception Tuesday, January 14,  4-5:30pm

Lyn Rein, rosemaling

Lyn Rein is a maker.  She has been a potter since childhood when she tagged along while her mom would volunteer at the Faribault Art Center.  Lyn would hide out in the pottery studio playing with the clay. She has since gotten to integrate her Norwegian heritage with her pottery to create functional ale bowls and by carving rosemaling motifs into canisters.  Lyn is a third generation rosemaler and has spent the last eight years honing her skills in classes with her mom.  She has taken classes and exhibited work in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Craig Swenson, pyrography

All through my life I have loved art and creating art. When I was very young I would draw comic heroes and villains and give them neat names and powers. In 2000 I had a traumatic injury that hindered my ability to draw due to constant tremors and dystonia in my hands. In 2018 I found my new hobby by coming across a wood burning kit in an old box. The moment I start wood burning letters and designs on pieces of wood from outside I found that my hands no longer shook and I was able to control the wood burning pen.

I have self-taught myself to wood burn. I use a wood burning pen that has numerous heads that can be transitioned out to made different lines or textures to the surface of the wood.

I have come to love my new hobby; I find it relaxing, and very enjoyable to see what I am able to come up with.

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Barb Matz, multimedia portraits
Tomas Alvarez, photography

February 17 – March 15
Opening Reception Tuesday, February 18,  4-5:30pm

Gallery On The Move

The FiftyNorth Gallery is traveling!  To the Northfield Retirement Community!

Artists who exhibit their work in our gallery will have the opportunity to take a portion of their exhibit over to the NRC.  The NRC will have a designated gallery space in which to exhibit the art for an additional month long show.  This means increased access to fine art for older adults AND an additional opportunity for artists to show their work.  A win, win!

Call for Artists

2020 Gallery Season

The FiftyNorth Gallery prides itself on its inclusive nature and welcoming environment to all types and ages of artists.  This is an art gallery for everyone!  Your work will be seen by hundreds of people every day.
We are currently accepting applications for 2020 exhibits.  If you are interested in applying to show your art please email the following to Katie Felland at
  1. three photo examples of your work
  2. your artist statement
  3. a photo of you
The art gallery committee will consider all applicants.  We can’t wait to hear from you!