Art Gallery

Current Exhibit: Bridgewater 4th grade art

Bridgewater 4th grade art
April 15 – May 10

Opening reception Wednesday, May 8, 1:30-2pm

Instructor: Kate Woodstrup

Kate Woodstrup’s 4th grade art students will exhibit a variety of art that they have created at Bridgewater School.  These students visit FiftyNorth once a month for our Reading with 4th Graders program.  Volunteers from FiftyNorth sit with the students and have them practice reading to them.  If you are interested in volunteering in this program please contact Chris Ellison 507-664-3707 or


Coming up in the FiftyNorth Gallery in April!

Bob Nyvall, paintings
Toni Easterson , fiber art

May 14 – June 14
Opening reception Tuesday, May 21, 4-5:30pm


Bob Nyvall, paintings

What intrigues me about old barns and why do I love to paint them?  Old barns with their intrinsic and archaic beauty are full of memories.  These barns still dominate their setting, like a dowager surveying her dominion.





Toni Easterson, fiber art

I work with fiber and tend to think with my hands.
Insects are the focus of this exhibit because I am learning they are extremely, vitally, important to our environment and they are decreasing at an alarming rate. They are also, to my thinking, beautiful. I tend to think of myself as an environmentally conscience artist as I enjoy using recycled and up-cycled materials, I enjoy the stories behind the materials that I use in my art.


Gallery On The Move

The FiftyNorth Gallery is traveling!  To the Northfield Retirement Community!
Artists who exhibit their work in our gallery will have the opportunity to take a portion of their exhibit over to the NRC.  The NRC will have a designated gallery space in which to exhibit the art for an additional month long show.  This means increased access to fine art for older adults AND an additional opportunity for artists to show their work.  A win, win!


2019 Exhibits

FiftyNorth Gallery runs a year-long season of 11 shows featuring work from regional artists, most of whom are “north of 50”.
If you are interested in applying to show your art in one of our 11 exhibits next year, please send the following to Katie Felland at   Three examples of your art, your artist statement, and a photo of you.  All artists’ applications will be reviewed by the gallery committee here at FiftyNorth.   All ages, members and nonmembers,  are invited to apply!