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If you are interested in exhibiting at the FiftyNorth Gallery in 2021, please contact coordinator; Patty Ciernia at (507) 664-3709.
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October 4 – November 15
Kathy Weed – Quilter
Dawn Makarios – Potter

Kathy Thibodeau Weed – Quilter
I’m a native of Northfield, my husband Steve and I have raised our 2 children here. I started sewing when I was about 8 years old and was taught by my mother who is a great seamstress. I sewed clothes for myself as a teenager. While in my early 20’s I started quilting. I took a few classes, as hand piecing was popular in the 70’s. But I consider myself mostly self-taught. Now that I’m retired, I have more free time to quilt. I’ve made many bed quilts for my family. Lately, quilting has really changed with machine piecing and quilting. Now, my passion for quilting , has also changed. It is inspired by nature; landscapes, especially trees, flowers, and  birds. I enjoy the process of designing, picking out fabrics, piecing and finally the quilting. Thank you for viewing my quilts, and hopefully you enjoy my work.

Dawn Makarios – Potter
I just love ceramics and pottery. What a joy it is to watch artists and craftspeople doing their works! I like the process of the craft as much as the finished product. I enjoy looking at pieces around people’s homes and how it feels when I use it. I get inspiration from my potter friends, being outside, and going to art exhibits and fairs.

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Original Works of Art from the Used-A-Bit Shoppe in Northfield: Original works of art from the Used-A-Bit Shoppe will be selected by the Art Club at FiftyNorth and presented in the FiftyNorth Gallery and online for sale. This is a fundraiser for art supplies for the Art Studio at FiftyNorth and funds raised will also benefit Used-A-Bit Shoppe.