Classes in the Arts

Register for these programs: by phone (507-664-3700), in person at FiftyNorth, or by clicking on the title of the class
Please pre-register and check-in for all classes no matter your membership levels. It is also important to check-in at the front desk when you arrive for your class.  We use attendance data for grant applications, insurance reimbursement, space planning and determining whether or not to cancel a class.
Scholarships are available to help defray the cost of classes for those who find the cost a financial hardship


ONLINE – Copperplate Calligraphy

Mondays, June 8, 15, 20

This online workshop will introduce students to Copperplate – a calligraphic script created with a pointed, metal nib. Over the course of three 2-hour sessions, the instructor will present step-by-step demonstrations of how to use and care for your special tools; and how to construct a lower case alphabet and one variation of capital letters.  At the end of each session, there will be time for questions and individualized instruction. Sessions will be recorded and available for 2 weeks after workshop’s end for registered students to access and continue to practice at their own pace. Take the mystery out of how to make these beautiful letter forms!

No calligraphic experience necessary.
(3 sessions)

Instructor:  Sally Wightkin
Capacity:  12
Cost:  $75 nonmbr, $65 mbr, $20 platinum
(Includes cost of materials and shipping to your home)
Registration Deadline:  June 1



ONLINE – Blooming Flowers Suncatcher

Wednesday, June 17

This class will take place via ZOOM.
Have you ever wondered how to work with glass? In this class you will get a chance to work with glass in many forms, grit, stringers, and sheet glass. Combine all of these different forms to create a blooming flowers sun catcher that will brighten your day.
Gerie will send you the Zoom link prior to the class.

Instructor:  Gerie Thelen
Capacity:  10
Cost:  $35 nonmbr, $25 mbr, $20 platinum
Registration Deadline: June 15

Notes: Materials for the class will be delivered to your home on June 16.  Return your finished piece for firing to Gerie’s home between 10am-12pm on Friday, June 19.  Pickup your finished piece on Monday, June 22 between 10am-12pm.



ONLINE – Summer Story Connection

Mondays, June 29, July 13, 27, August 10, 24

Classes will take place via Zoom, in a format similar to past in-person classes. The instructor will communicate technical details before the first meeting. Between sessions, participants will have the option (at no additional cost) of sharing writing and connecting online in a private small group forum.

Do you feel called to write? Come gather, connect around the writing process, and learn narrative craft. Whether you’re a first-time writer seeking direction or an experienced writer who longs for community, you’re welcome here. Let’s cultivate stories and nurture the muses. More than ever, that matters.

Why? Because stories can bring people together.

The gift of shared wisdom helps us understand each other. More than that, our stories helps us understand ourselves.

In this collaborative workshop, we’ll keep it simple. We’ll locate and unpack writing that feel true, focusing on craft aspects to move promising pieces forward. Each session will consist of three parts:

1) idea-generating writing prompts,
2) cross-pollination to unpack ideas, and
3) facilitated peer review to reflect on shared work.

If this speaks to you, join us.
(5 sessions+)

Instructor:  Amy Hallberg
Capacity: 10
Cost:  $70 nonmbr, $55 mbr, $0 platinum
Registration deadline:  June 26



Ink Drawing on a Watercolor Background

This class will be rescheduled once the center reopens

Students will be able to create an exciting watercolor background on which to draw or paint with ink pens or brushes. These are two painting skills that when used together show a dynamic finished product with a contrasting background and foreground.
Think of a simple subject like a portrait of a person, a boat at a dock, a bird or three on a wire, a tree, a truck, a simple house or cabin, bowls from the kitchen, a toy, a small town or village, a cat resting, a dog sitting by a window, a favorite plant, etc. Think of something you like.

(2 sessions)

Instructor Kate Douglas
$52 nonmbr, $ 42 mbr, $12 plat
NOTE: Materials to bring:
Pencils 2B and erasers, pink pearl or white plastic
Buy at least two permanent ink pens. Lower numbers are finer, higher numbers are bolder.



Sumi Garden Paintings

This class will be rescheduled once the center reopens

We will find a local garden or display garden components to view, depending on weather. We will also have the gorgeous garden to view at FiftyNorth.

(2 sessions)

Instructor: Kate Douglas
Capacity:  10
Cost: $ 50 nonmbr, $40 mbr, $10 plat

Materials to bring:
Depending on your experience with watercolor, you can bring your own palette and tubes or you can purchase a good Prang watercolor set from Kate for an additional $6.50.



Reverse Drawing with Charcoal

This class will be rescheduled once the center reopens

This is a whole new way to capture a subject! It is fun and easy. You will need to bring in a simple black and white image of a person, place or object. I will also provide some images that you can use. However, if the subject is what you want to draw and you have an image, copy and enlarge the image in black and white. This can be done at FiftyNorth before class if you provide your image of choice and bring it in before the class starts. Keep in mind that you will need a black and white image of a person, place or thing that has some meaning to you. If you have a  clear image of the subject you will be fine.
(2 sessions)

Instructor: Kate Douglas
Capacity: 10
Cost: $52  nonmbr, $42 mbr, $12 plat

Materials to bring:
Good quality drawing/charcoal paper. Light tone or white.
Consider 12X18 or 10X16
One pink pearl and/or kneaded eraser
One eraser pen, size optional
Two charcoal pencils
4 charcoal sticks
One smudging tool