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Adventures in Extended Travel

Wednesday, February 5

Enjoy coffee and cookies and hear about the exciting extended motorcoach trips being offered through Cross Country Tours for 2020.  Learn about the services offered by this travel agency, how to register for a trip and the wide variety of destinations available. Whether your interests are history, music, tulip festivals, riverboats or New England fall colors, there is something for you.  Oh, the places you can go!

Presenter:  Carol Olsen
Capacity:  24
Cost:  Free and open to the public



Charles Lindbergh: Triumph, Tragedy and Controversy

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first pilot to fly solo from New York to Paris. This feat made him one of the biggest celebrities of his time. However, his life following the flight was filled with tragedy and controversy. Join us to explore the complicated life of a complex man in this entertaining program presented by David Jones, a Minneapolis speaker who has been making historical presentations since 1996.

Instructor:  David Jones
Capacity: 36
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat



Story Quilts: Women of War

Saturday, February 15

Storyteller Jean Wakely shares the stories behind Jewell Wolk’s extraordinary Story Quilts!
This quilt, Women of War, showcases a collection of stories of amazing women who have survived internment during WWII in both the European and the Philippines war areas.
Survivors told Jewell Wolk about their experiences from before, during and after war.  Jewell knew she had to share their stories of resilience and survival so that others could learn from them so she created the Women of War story quilt.
Jewell’s daughter, Jean, now shares these stories and the story of her mother’s quilting, with you.

Instructor: Jean Wakely
Capacity:  40
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat



Summer of Fifty-two

Wednesday, February 19

Ah, the Fifties.  What a magical time! Baby Boomers were starting to make their mark on every demographic measure known to mankind. It was a time of economic growth, scientific discoveries, and recovery from the deprivations of WWII to the tensions of the Cold War. Televisions were in almost every home, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como crooned about love and we liked Ike. Bill McGath will host this trip down memory lane with a mixture of news, ads and pictures to take you back for a wonderful afternoon of reminiscing.

Instructor:  Bill McGrath
Capacity:  40
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat



History of Dundas

Thursday, February 20, 2020

From its first settler in 1852, through the height of its milling industry, to its current growth and development, Dundas has always been so much more than that little town just south of Northfield.  Witty and entertaining historian, Marie Gery, will share the stories, the people, and the successes and the challenges through the past 160-plus years of Dundas, Minnesota.

Instructor:  Marie Gery
Capacity:  24
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat



Teachings of the Yamas and the Niyamas

Tuesdays, March 3, 10, 17

Learn about the Yama’s and the Niyama’s and how they pertain to your life and daily activities.

Instructor:   Marie Frederickson
Capacity:  20
Cost:  $27 nonmbr, $21 mbr, $0 plat-equiv



10 Warning Signs of Alzheimers

Wednesday, March 25

Alzheimer’s and other dementias cause changes in memory, thinking and behavior that interfere with daily life. Join us for this free workshop to learn about:

*Typical age-related changes.
*Common warning signs of Alzheimer’s.
*How to approach someone about memory  concerns.
*Early detection, the benefits of a diagnosis and  the diagnostic process.
*Alzheimer’s Association resources for care partners.

Instructor:  Alzheimer’s Association Staff
Capacity:  30
Cost:  Free and open to the public



Lighten Up! Decluttering and Downsizing

Tuesday, April 7

Are you longing to declutter or downsize but feel stuck and overwhelmed by all of the decisions, logistics, and “stuff” that needs attention?  You are not alone, but it doesn’t have to be so hard!  Join Kate Buckmeier of Kate: Declutter & Redesign for a morning of tips and shifts that will lighten the pressure and make decluttering a practice that you can feel confident doing.  Kate will share how you can set yourself up for success, find your story in your stuff, and use resources that make it easier to pass things on.
Kate a consultant, writer, and professional organizer.  She is a member of The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and loves to share a message of hope and inspiration with individuals and families struggling with too much stuff.

Instructor:  Kate Buckmeier
Capacity:  36
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat



Author Talk: Sharon Henry

Thursday, April 16

Hear local author, Sharon Henry, discuss the process of taking a life experience as the impetus to create a book, the trials of self-publishing and what she hopes to achieve through her children’s book on living with a parent with mental illness: Good Day, Sad Day, Same Day. Whether you are a budding author yourself, know someone dealing with a mental disorder, or just curious to hear about the creative process, this is a presentation you will enjoy.

Instructor:  Sharon Henry
Capacity:  24
Cost:  $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 plat




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