Member Listening Session

Tuesday, February 19
5:30pm to 7:00pm

Members – We Need Your Input!
Is there an activity you wish FiftyNorth offered?  A new program you’d like to see?  What do you think FiftyNorth should look like in 2024? 2029?
Have a voice in what FiftyNorth is in 2024 and beyond!  Please plan to attend one of the listening sessions to be held in February. At each session, you will have an opportunity to share your vision for the future at FiftyNorth. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear what your fellow members think.
Sign up now for one of the sessions.  All sessions will be held at FiftyNorth.

If you’re not able to attend one of these sessions, please leave your name with a receptionist and one of the Future Planning Committee members will be happy to talk one-on-one with you.

Capacity: 30



“The Strange Sisters” and “Solly and Da Goils” Radio Dramedies Performance

Saturday, March 9
Sunday, March 10
Friday, March 15

Leading off will be “The Strange Sisters”, an actual Whistler radio play first aired on radio in 1946. If you listened to radio-theater in years past, you likely heard the Whistler. Do you remember? The eerie ‘whistle’ will bring to mind the dramatic series, no doubt.  Patsy Dew, who brought the genre of radio “dramedy” to FiftyNorth in 2012, will direct this suspenseful drama, full of sibling rivalry, villainous plotting and a surprise ending.

The second radio-play, “Solly and Da Goils”, is written and directed by Paul Kluge.  It is a rollicking satire of 20th Century New York gang warfare where the women talk like a slithery—why don’t you come up and see me sometime–Mae West, and the men like rough and tough gangsters from da Bronx. Competing gangs are the Creeps and the Crumbs, reminding us of the Jets and the Sharks, or maybe the Crips and the Bloods. But nobody gets hurt—permanently at least, and we dare you not to smile and chuckle all the way to the surprise ending.

Cast: Holly Fischer, Peggy Sheldon, Dee Rogers, Jim Haas, Steve Jorstad, Dick Waters, Marie Gery.
Sound Effects by Dale Sheldon
Music by Dave Miller
Costumes by Helen Dillon


Tickets available for purchase at the FiftyNorth front desk.
Cost:  $12 adults, $6 children 12 and under



Sunday Concert  with Wendy Smith of the Zillionaires

Sunday, March 31
2:00pm to 3:00pm

Songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader, Wendy Smith composes music for theater, film, daily life, and her band, The Zillionaires.   She writes in many styles, a little jazz, country, rock and roll, and a lot of variety.  At FiftyNorth, Wendy will play and sing, and also take a bit of time to talk about her songs and songwriting process.

Free will donations appreciated




Shakespeare’s Uppity Women Play

Sunday, April 28

Title TBD

Director: Sylvia Langworthy
Cost:  $10 – Tickets available at the front desk