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Daily reporting important

Each day you participate using a video below, or have participated in your own fitness routine, please check yourself in. Follow the link below. It will take you to the registration page, click the “Register to Attend this Activity” box, enter your phone number and click on your name. ‘FiftyNorth at home exercise and online fitness videos’ will be in your shopping cart; click on “Check Out”, then a few more clicks to confirm and you are done. Each person will need to complete their own registration.  Thank you!

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Thursday, April 9

Work out with some of our FiftyNorth instructors, or work out on your own.  Combine fun with fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing or seated circuit workout. Upper-body and lower-body strength work.  During this shutdown, we are trying our best to give you the resources that you need to stay fit.  Check back daily for more exercise videos and anything else we find useful during this difficult time.  All of these videos are led by instructors you know and trust at FiftyNorth.  Click on any of the links below to be brought directly to a video.

Video Instructors: Kaethe Boutelle, Heather Rataj, Heather Sand, Marie Frederickson, Ingrid Freeman

If you are unable to check yourself in, please email Elaine at  to report your participation activity – day and time that you participated, and the class.  This will allow us to submit your activity to the insurance providers to get reimbursed for your activity at a FiftyNorth instructed class. Thank you!


Kaethe Boutelle – 30 Minute Gentle Yoga

Marie Frederickson – Full Body Chair Yoga

Heather Sand – Calm and Stretch Yoga 

Heather Sand – Restorative Yoga

Marie Frederickson – Lower Half Chair Yoga

Marie Frederickson – (Mostly) Standing Yoga

Marie Frederickson – 15 Minute Chair Yoga

Heather Sand – 20 Minute Chair Yoga

Marie Frederickson – 30 Minute Slow Flow Yoga

Ingrid Freeman – 60 Minute Slow Flow Yoga

Heather Sand – Beer Yoga 

Ingrid Freeman – 60 Minute Chair Yoga

Heather Sand – Yoga Sculpting Arms

Heather Sand – Chillax Yoga

Ingrid Freeman – 60 Minute Yoga (Beginner Friendly)

Marie Frederickson – 30 Minute Relaxation Yoga

Marie Frederickson – DIY Yoga Props


Heather Rataj – Stretch, Strength, & Mobility

Kaethe Boutelle – Home Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – Low Impact Home Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – Balance Drills

Heather Sand – Seated Arm Workout

Heather Sand – Drums Alive

Kaethe Boutelle – 30 Minute Low Impact Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – Low Impact Bodyweight Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – High Intensity Workout

Heather Sand – Resistance Band Workout

Heather Rataj – Drumming Workout Ideas

Heather Rataj – Dance Fitness: Underdog 

Heather Rataj – Dance Fitness: Match 

Kaethe Boutelle – 30/15 Workout

Heather Sand – Full Body Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – 45/15 Workout

Heather Sand – Ninja Assassins

Heather Sand – Drums Alive

Heather Sand – Seated Workout

Kaethe Boutelle – Warm Up Exercises

Heather Sand – 30 Minute Drums Alive Workout

Modified Silver Sneakers

Marie Frederickson – Modified Silver Sneakers #1

Mindfulness & Meditation

Heather Sand – Taoist Smile Meditation

Heather Sand – 5 Minute Candle Meditation

Heather Sand – Pet Meditation 

Heather Sand – Walking Meditation