Art Gallery

If you are interested in exhibiting at the FiftyNorth Gallery,

please contact the Michelle at (507) 664-3707

Next Artist Reception is: Thursday, May 23, 2024, 4pm

Now Showing in the Gallery:

Echoes & Shadows – 1st Annual Poetry & Art Collaboration

Gallery show – March 4th – May 3rd

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2023 Nativity Scene

Orick Peterson

Marie Gery

Artist Statement – Marie Gery

A Gesture of Peace

Leslie Schultz

Pat Jorstad

Artist Statement – Pat Jorstad

Call Her, Dad

Dawn Glewwe

Kerry Hjelmgren

Artist Statement – Kerry Hjelmgren


Becky Boling

Kate Douglas

Artist Statement – Kate Douglas


Susan Jaret McKinstry

Christine Oatis-Skinner

Artist Statement – Christine Oatis-Skinner

diggin’ on django

Dougie Padilla

Kate Douglas

Artist Statement – Kate Douglas

Disagreeing with Marjorie Kinan Rawlings About How to be Thankful for a Good Man

Karen Herseth Wee

Rebecca Krug

Artist Statement – Rebecca Krug

Finding Light

Darla DeLong

Nancy Rechtzigel

Artist Statement – Nancy Rechtzigel


Julie Ryan

Vicki Stanley

Artist Statement – Vicki Stanley


Deb Muotka

Marty Amundson

Artist Statement – Marty Amundson

Hawk and Crow

Jane Carlson

Craig Swenson

Artist Statement – Craig Swenson


Steve McCown

Pat Jorstad

Artist Statement – Pat Jorstad

Internal Reflections


Richard DeBeau

Artist Statement – Richard DeBeau

Last September

Craig Evenson

Patsy Dew

Artist Statement – Patsy Dew

Luminous Earth

D. E. Green

Margie O’Loughlin

Artist Statement – Margie O’Loughlin

Moonlit Therapy

Nancy Marie Campbell

Katherine Hanson

Artist Statement – Katherine Hanson


Peter Heckman

Marie Gery

Artist Statement – Marie Gery

Muscle Memory

Pamela Thompson

Michelle Brant

Artist Statement – Michelle Brant

No Longer Broken

Marie Gery

Sylvia Langworthy

Artist Statement – Sylvia Langworthy

Oh, how the light

Charlotte Melin

Mary Jo Winter

Artist Statement – Mary Jo Winter

Rag Rugs in Winter

Mary Kay Feltes

Brenda Mulry

Artist Statement – Brenda Mulry

Seat Assignments

Heather Candels

Darla DeLong

Artist Statement – Darla DeLong


Florence Dacey

Jean Voxland

Artist Statement – Jean Voxland

Shadows of Salt

Adriana Estill

Maryann Kaul

Artist Statement – Maryann Kaul


Torlid Homstad

Kathy Weed

Artist Statement – Kathy Weed

The Fire of Beauty Burns On

Mac Gimse

Margie O’Loughlin

Artist Statement – Margie O’Loughlin

the only direction

Wendy J. Manuel

David Perez

Artist Statement – David Perez

Wild Horses in Grandmother’s Kitchen

Christine Kallman

Andrea Curley

Artist Statement – Andrea Curley

winter thoughts

Sharol Nau

Charlie Skinner

Artist Statement – Charlie Skinner

Coming up Next in the Gallery:

Andrea Curley (and her mom, Eddene Bakker) – Mixed Medium


Gallery Show

May 3 – June 28


Artist Reception – Thursday, May 23, 4pm

Artists, we are excited to showcase your art here at FiftyNorth, where hundreds of people visit each day!

Our exhibits run for approximately 5 weeks and can be an individual show or a group of artists working together. Contact us for more details.

Gallery space:

  • 3 glass cases – 16in x 16in shelves (4-5 shelves per case)
  • 4 wall spaces – 6 ft long x 4 ½ ft tall
  • 1 long wall – 40 ft long x 4 ½ ft tall