Classes in the Arts

Register for these programs: by phone (507-664-3700), in person at FiftyNorth, or by clicking on the title of the class
Please pre-register and check-in for all classes no matter your membership levels. It is also important to check-in at the front desk when you arrive for your class.  We use attendance data for grant applications, insurance reimbursement, space planning and determining whether or not to cancel a class.
Scholarships are available to help defray the cost of classes for those who find the cost a financial hardship

Intro to Portrait Photography

Friday, March 1

Bring your personal camera (SLR or cell phone) with an understanding of how it works! This class will focus on the principles of portrait photography including lighting, gentle posing, working with different background materials, and how to help people feel more comfortable while being photographed.

Instructor: Margie O’Loughlin
Capacity: 4 minimum, 8 maximum
Cost: $18 nonmbr, $14 mbr, $0 platinum
Space: Room 103
Note: Margie O’Loughlin ran her own photography studio for 20+ years in South Minneapolis.

Knitting Bed Socks

Wednesdays, March 6, 13

Keep your toes toasty with knitted bed socks!
In March FiftyNorth will offer the third in a series of Learn to Knit classes. Students will knit a pair of striped bed socks. The class is for beginners or those who haven’t knitted in a long time. These socks are tubular without a heel, so even the beginners will be successful. It is helpful to know how to knit and purl, but not necessary.
In the first session we’ll cast on both socks and knit a little ribbing. Then you’ll learn an easy technique for knitting two-color stripes. In the second session we’ll finish the socks. The instructor will supply soft, wool yarn and needles.
The techniques you’ll learn in this class:
1. How to knit with four double pointed needles.
2. Helix knitting, a cool and easy way to create stripes.
3. How to decrease for the toe of a sock.
(2 sessions)

Instructor: Diane Pearsall
Capacity: 12
Cost: $47 nonmbr, $41 mbr, $20 platinum
Space: room 106
Registration deadline: March 1

Fused Glass Suncatcher

Monday, March 11

Does winter have you dreaming of spring?  In this class you can create you your own one of a kind flower garden out of fused glass to hang in your window. All materials provided.

Instructor: Geralyn Thelen
Capacity: 12
Cost: $40 nonmbr, $35 mbr, $20 platinum
Space: room 103
Registration deadline: March 7

Gentle Gardening: Create Your Own Sanctuary Presentation

Wednesday, March 20

Do you need a break from winter? This will be a chance to focus on warmer weather and gardening. Whether it’s a simple container garden or filling your yard with plantings, paths and water features. This presentation will remind us of the benefits of gardening, plus tips for creating a garden, and/or container garden, and what not to do. There will also be time for questions.
Sharon Boisselle, a seasoned gardener, (has been gardening in one form or another for four decades). Sharon began her career by completing the two-year Landscape/Horticulture program at Dakota County Technical College, then became certified with the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association while supervising the greenhouse at Dundee Nursery. She is currently a seasonal employee at Turtle Creek Nursery in Owatonna.
Jeff Damm, local professional gardener ( will also be sitting in on this presentation. He will answer questions for those who may need assistance with installation or maintenance of existing plantings.

Presenters: Sharon Boisselle & Jeff Damm
Capacity: 30
Cost: $9 nonmbr, $7 mbr, $0 platinum
Space: room 103

Round Rug Weaving Class Using Peg Loom and Jacob Sheep Corespun

Thursday, March 21

In this class you will learn a more advanced technique of weaving wedge shaped segments which will construct a round rug.  You will learn to determine the varying lengths of warp string needed and several options for constructing the wedges. You will complete a round rug of approximately 20” diameter. Materials provided.
Prerequisite: basic peg loom rug weaving class in which you have completed a welcome mat sized rectangular rug.

Instructor: Wendi Piller
Capacity: 8
Cost: $101 nonmbr, $93 mbr, $65 platinum
Space: room 103
Registration deadline: March 18

Beginning Asian Brush Horse Painting

Wednesday, March 27

Students will be introduced to the four treasures of Asian Brush Horse Painting – the brush, the ink, the paper and the ink stone. You will be taught the correct way to hold a Sumi-e brush. Students will learn to write “horse” six different ways in Asian calligraphy using black ink from Japan or China. You will use the Asian rice paper as well as other quality paper of various colors. will demonstrate a simple horse form using charcoal and give you step-by-step instructions on how to draw a horse using ink on rice paper. Students will create 2 to 4 horses, plus calligraphy.
Please bring a lunch or dine at Little Frida Café in the next room.
Students should bring – a 25” X 20” piece of wool to put under the rice paper. If you have Sumi ink or brushes, please bring them. Optional – bring a camera, notepad, photos of horses that you have taken or have permission to use.
Your artwork will be displayed in the lobby at FiftyNorth and there will be an artist reception/Capstone Event March 27 from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

Instructor: Susanne Crane
Capacity: 15
Cost: Free
Space: Room 103
Registration deadline: March 20
*This class is being offered through a grant from Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council

Susanne Crane  ~ ARTIST BIO
I’ve been an artist my entire life. I wrote and illustrated my 1st memoir at age 7 to document a trip to Germany. I double majored in Art/English in college and then went on to create and manage 2 art galleries in Minneapolis.
I met Dee Teller in 2004 at my solo exhibition in Albert Lea. She came up to me beaming and said, “You paint your dreams. I could be your mentor!” She took my phone number and then proceeded to include me in numerous shows and made introductions for me with many great art organizers who I now consider my friends.
We went on art retreats, I took her Sumi-e classes, and then, in 2009 I accompanied her as her assistant on a trip to China. We went to 9 Universities and art schools and saw the amazing terracotta soldiers in Xian and walked the Great Wall. I learned a lot.
Dee was amused to find that I’m a Fire Horse in the Chinese Zodiac. She asked me to try the horse and was amazed when I did a frontal view with the horse running right off the paper towards the viewer. I had worked with horses and had one briefly, so I was already familiar with their anatomy.
Apparently, the horse is the most difficult to master. It came naturally to me.
I’m also a teacher, working in Minneapolis enrichment programs for over 30 years and in my own program for 8 1/2 years. It keeps me inspired and current.
I am honored to teach Dee’s class. I believe she’ll be with us if she can, guiding my hand.

Dragon Lore

Monday, April 1

2024 Year of the Dragon – Dragons and their stories from around the world from China to Scotland. Just when we thought we knew the what and where of Dragons, another culture is heard from and we are off and running to another place and time. Everyone knows what a Dragon looks like! We shall explore and find Dragons from folklore around the world!

Instructor: Sylvia Langworthy
Capacity: 15
Cost: $18 nonmbr, $14 mbr, $0 platinum
Space:  room 103

Intergenerational Hat Knitting Class with Carleton Students

Saturdays, April 6 & 13

FiftyNorth and Carleton College are offering an intergenerational hat knitting class.
This class is for beginners who have had a little experience with the knit stitch. It does not have to be recent experience.
To support local and sustainable farming and animal husbandry, you’ll be knitting with local yarn, milled by Theresa Bentz of Badgerface Fiber, Northfield.  And some of it will be dyed (by your instructor) with flowers from the Salt of the Earth dye garden, also near Northfield, managed by Maddy Bartsch.
In the first class you will review the knit stitch and start the hat.  The following week, in the second session you’ll finish the hat, complete with pompom.
The instructor will supply the yarn and needles.  She will even cast on your project for you, which will make it easier to get started.
(2 sessions)

Instructor: Diane Pearsall
Capacity: 6 from FiftyNorth
Cost: $50 nonmbr, $45 mbr, $25 platinum
Space: Weitz Center for Creativity – Room 136
320 3rd Street East
Northfield, MN  55057
Enter the building through the main doors on 3rd Street
Registration deadline: April 1

Fused Glass Night Light

Tuesday, April 9

Let your light shine bright with a colorful night light.  In this class you will select colorful glass to create your own night light. Please indicate which design you wish to create (Abstract, Flower, Quilt, Sailboat) when you register by calling 507-664-3700 or register at the front desk. All materials provided.

Instructor: Geralyn Thelen
Capacity: 12
Cost: $40 nonmbr, $35 mbr, $20 platinum
Space: Room 105
Registration deadline: April 5

Exploring Watercolor I

Monday, April 22

Want to learn about the world of watercolor painting? Come and explore basic techniques of:
wet on wet        wet on dry
wet on damp    charging/pulling
layering            splattering

No experience in drawing, painting or artwork is required. You will learn by doing, creating and following your intuition.
Using selected elements of art (line, shape, color & value, space, form, texture) you will create a painting(s) on watercolor paper size 11 x 14.
Materials provided. If you have materials and prefer to use your own paints & brushes, please feel free to bring them.

Instructor: Marty Amundson
Capacity: 12 maximum
Cost: $28 nonmbr, $24 mbr, $10 platinum
Space: room 105
Registration deadline: April 19

Saori Weaving Start to Finish: Runner or Scarf

Tuesday, April 23

If you think you might be interested in getting a rigid heddle loom this class will give you an opportunity to experience the weaving process from start to finish. You will start by preparing the loom (warping it) and then move on to the actual weaving. You will have the choice of making a scarf or a runner.
We’ll break for bite to eat. Pack a lunch or eat at Little Frida Café across the hall.
All materials will be provided.

Instructor:  Kathy Anderson
Capacity: 4
Cost:  $60 nonmbr, $50 mbr, $15 platinum
Space: 102
Registration deadline: April 19, 2024

Stained Glass Suncatcher

Saturday, April 27

Stained glass has depicted stories, landscapes, scenery, and abstract designs for centuries. Many of our most historical buildings include windows that make vibrant colored sunlight dance across the walls. In this class you will make your own 5-inch round suncatcher and experience the art of making sunlight dance.  You will learn to cut and break sheets of glass into the shape that fits your piece. Once each piece is cut you will add the copper foil and complete the piece by soldering it all together. You will go home with a beautiful piece ready to hang in your window.
Wear closed toed shoes and clothes that can get dirty.  You will be working with glass, chemicals, a soldering iron, and lead.  Safety glasses and plastic gloves will be provided (You can bring your own if you prefer).

Instructor: Sandra Sargent of Bending Sunlight Glassworks
Capacity: 8
Cost: $57 nonmbr, $51 mbr, $30 platinum
Space: room 102
Registration deadline: April 26

Design & Plant Your Own Spring Patio Pot

Monday, April 29

Learn how to design and plant your own Spring patio pot using cool weather annuals.
Materials included: annuals, fiber patio pot, soil, moss, and instruction from Rachel!

Instructor: Rachel Kinny
Capacity: 12
Cost: $65 nonmbr, $60 mbr, $50 platinum
Space: Room 105
Registration deadline: April 24

Applique Class

Tuesday, April 30

This class is an introduction into applique. Wool is a soft and enjoyable fabric to work with. We will be using wool to create coasters that are decorative and usable. An easy stitch, called a blanket stitch, is used to add beads and complete a fun project. Materials will be provided. Please bring a scissors.

Instructor: Carol Maziarka
Capacity: 10
Cost:  $38 nonmbr, $30 mbr, $10 platinum
Space: Room 102
Registration deadline: April 26

Exploration in Oils using Cold Wax

Tuesday, May 14

Cold wax (a non-heated and cold creamy looking substance) is made out of beeswax. It is mixed into oil paint. It has a great translucent effect that allows light to pass through previous layers.
The medium works well with a process-driven approach to painting. Using tools besides a brush such as chopsticks, spreaders, window squeegees, and many types of mark making tools, you can give your painting a sense of history with the textures you can achieve. Lots of fun and a sense of discovery with where this leads your painting and also helps to produce texture in a quick way. Materials provided.

Instructor:  Rebecca Tolle
Capacity: 4 minimum, 8 maximum
Cost:  $73 nonmbr, $69 mbr, $18 platinum
Space: Room103
Registration deadline: May 9

Textile Art Class – 8″ X 10″ Wall Hanging Quilt

Monday, May 20

Learn to make a “raw edge applique” collage quilt. No sewing required!
Kathy will instruct you on how to cut the pieces using the pattern and how to place the feathers, petals and leaves. The pieces will be ironed onto the 8” X 10” sky fabric. The last step is to attach a binding fabric. Kathy will also demonstrate stitching that can be done on the background sky fabric.

No online registration. Please call the front desk at 507-664-3700 or Elaine Meyers at 507-664-3703 to register. You must choose which print you wish to make at the time of registration so the kits can be prepared before class.
You will have your choice of a Chickadee, Purple Tulips, or Pink Posies

MATERIALS PROVIDED: The kit will include: an assortment of collage fabrics, a pattern and the backing, which is a 3-layer piece consisting of: (background sky fabric, the layer of batting & the back fabric). Also, binding fabric.
NOTE: Bring your own fabric scissors.

Instructor: Kathy Weed
Capacity: 10
Cost: $30 nonmbr, $26 mbr, $12 platinum
Space: room 102
Registration deadline: May 13