Health & Wellness

At some point, every person of every age gets hurt, becomes ill or simply needs some help. While it’s important that care be available nearby, it’s essential that residents are able to access the services required. Listed here you will find a variety of services designed to help you find resources to maintain your physical fitness and when you need it those that can support you with your health care concerns and needs.

Caregiver & Dementia Support

Home Care

Home Care Agencies & Non-Medical inhome Services

Physical Fitness

Fitness Centers, Health Resources

End of Life

Advanced Care Planning & Hospice Care

Mental Health

Mental Health Resources & Clinics

Telemedicine Guide

Age-Friendly Northfield Health & Wellness team create guide.

 Hospitals & Clinics in Northfield

Healthcare Clinics, Hospitals, Chiropractors, Eye Clinics, Rehab & Transitional Care, Urgent Care

 Pharmacies & Medical Supplies

Medical Alert Systems, Equipment & Supplies, Medication Disposal, Pharmacies

Age-Friendly Northfield has compiled a collection of resources to help connect residents to services and information on a range of topics related to aging.

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