Group Activities

Group activities at FiftyNorth are as diverse as the people who attend them. They are designed to provide social interaction, skill enhancement, and fun! Most groups teach beginner skills. Fees are $1 or less for members, $2 or less for non-members. Feel free to click on the subcategories or view all of our group activities in our FiftyNorth Calendar.

Book Club

Share your love of reading and discover new books to talk about

Friday Movies

Join a group of members in watching a movie


Head our for a fun off-campus excursion without the hassle of driving or parking


Join a group to rehearse and perform short plays

Arts / Craft Groups

Drop-in for $1 on any of our different arts and crafts groups to create and enjoy fellowship

Card Groups

If you love to play cards, do we ever have a deal for you

Games Groups

If board games or Bingo are your preference, see what’s available here!

Music Groups

Show off your musical talent by joining a lively music group here at FiftyNorth

Miscellaneous Groups

Check out all the other group activities available at FiftyNorth!

Fitness Groups

Join an energetic and fun group of adults in some exercise

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