Arts / Craft Groups

Drop-in on any of our different arts and crafts groups to create and enjoy fellowship

ARTS / CRAFT – Storytelling Group

2nd Mondays
Location: Room 104
Group Leader: Sylvia Langworthy
A new adventure to explore..READ  listen..laugh and maybe recall stories from the past!..  Come…listen…and share if and when you desire….
$1 Group Fees apply

ARTS / CRAFT – Hook, Yarn & Needle

Location: Room 105
Group Leader: Lynn Margulies
If you use one of these tools to craft, you qualify. Bring your own project to work on in the company of other crafters. Learn from each other.
$1 Group fees apply

ARTS / CRAFT – Art Club

2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Location: Room 105
Group Leaders: Kate Douglas and Pat Jorstad
All are welcome to drop-in for art club.
$1 Group Fees apply

2nd Wednesday
We will explore virtual art museum collections, learn about artists, art
techniques, skills, tips and more. Please bring a smallish personal
journal to record, write or draw in during the video.

4th Wednesday
You will work on art of your choice or work on the “video”
presentation or write about the museum visit.
For the first WorkWednesday you should bring your dedicated
journal, a pen or pencil, and we will provide other needed supplies.

ARTS / CRAFT – Photography Group

4th Fridays
Location: Room 106
Group Leader: David Perez
Each session will start with a brief educational presentation related to photography. The remaining time will be spent reviewing individual’s photos, answering questions, as well as help with cameras and equipment. Please bring pictures on a USB flash drive for “show and tell”. Prints are acceptable. If you have camera questions, please bring your camera, batteries, memory card, and manual. This is not a formal class or club, It is an opportunity to share an interest in photography.

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