Telemedicine is here to stay:

COVID-19 stresses the value of telemedicine. Over the past eighteen months, we were restricted in our physical access to our health care providers. Telemedicine appeared as an answer. However, the Age-Friendly Northfield Health & Wellness team realized that many older adults weren’t aware or comfortable with all that telemedicine could accomplish. The efficiency and ease of telemedicine could help so many of us connect with our providers from the safety of our homes.  With funding from Northfield Hospital & Clinics, AFN developed a handy guide in both English and Spanish to familiarize us with the wide range of services available over the phone or computer, especially helpful to those living in rural areas or having transportation barriers. In 2020, one-third of patient visits were telemedicine. Over 83% of providers surveyed by the MN Hospital Association reported that telemedicine was meeting patient needs! All providers are ready to handle your call. These guides are distributed around town as well as FiftyNorth (senior center). You are welcome to pick one up. Pass some around to your friends.